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  • How you can conduct a full location research using big data instead of guess work
  • What mechanics of supply and demand matter in residential property for capital growth
  • We will show you the ways you can DIY and look for the data yourself!
  • When and where should you consider to buy your next property
  • Understanding the 8 key variables, where to look for them
  • Our recommended benchmarks to filter out the GOOD markets from the BAD ones




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But most importantly...

This webinar is all about helping you become great at researching locations. With more than 50 years of combined experience in property investing, there are heaps that we want to share with you! So during the webinar, we will also be sharing these BONUS resources with you. But only if you turn up!



CG vs Yield Calc

Capital Growth vs Yield Strategy Calculator


DIY links

Links from the Webinar for the DIY-ers


CG Wealth impact calculator

Capital Growth Wealth Impact Calculator


Ahh.. The constant debate of which one’s a 'winning strategy'? Find out yourself! Key in your own data and let the numbers tell you the answer.

There will be A LOT of great links throughout this webinar. And guess what? All of that and the ones we used ourselves for our own research will be yours too! How much exactly will a 1% and 2% variance do to your asset’s performance? Find out how life-changing that would be over next 30 years with this calculator.



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